Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ghost Story VI

This is part 6 of a Ghost Story. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 here. Part 3 is about lesbians. Part 4 is here. Part 5. Part 7. Part A8E.

Their interview was very quick and short, but to Emma, seemed like years. She had argued with her father the whole night after coming back from the stadium, then in the morning he apparently wanted to take her to 'see some professionals'. "This is just going to explode in your face," she told him, and he had left the room silently, as he always had when she was being a baby. The silence was supposed to imply finality. And true enough, when they finally met the Wisconsin Paranormal Society, everything had played out just as she expected. It was just two guys getting high on little gadgets and electronics. At least one of them seemed kind of cool -- when they were all finally introduced, she had looked directly at Peter, and he had just rolled his eyes. That was kind of cool. Ehud, on the other hand, had made her take a Voight-Kampff test.

"How is it that you make things just fly around?" insisted Ehud, staring directly into her eyes. He stared ... medically ... at her. "Did it happen before your periods?"

Emma spat at him. "What the hell kind of question is that?" she asked. Ehud looked at her father, and made a small motion with his hand, indicating that everything was okay. "This is normal," he said.

Beatrice began sobbing, at that point, and Ehud gently took her hand in his. "It's fine. This is how it generally works," he told her. Harry, who had been trying to keep hold of Beatrice's hand all night previously, and even into the drive over here, watched this intently. He began to wonder why it was so easy for Ehud to do that, and yet, why was everything that came out of his mouth treated like garbage by her? As these thoughts settled into his mind, Ehud's Voight-Kampff test continued, and Ehud began asking Emma questions that most people would probably find totally obvious. It was like: "Why do you wake up in the morning for?" Or "Is the homework in school really difficult, or is there a larger problem?" After some time, Emma was responding to these bizarre questions quietly, and even promptly, often with sentiments of disgust at the interviewer. It seemed like each line of this inquiry was yet a bigger insult to her very fabric of being.

It was only when Ehud asked "So what is it that you see, which is strangest?" that she finally put her face in her hands, and began crying. "Bobby," she said. "I see a little boy named Bobby, at school."

Even Peter stood up, then. Ehud looked carefully at the girl, and asked again, his face now a frown: "Wait. What is your name again?"

Emma looked at her mother first, angrily. Then she looked at her father, with equal hatred, but more accusingly. Then she turned back to Ehud. "Emma. My name is bloody Emma!" she screamed.

Ehud began shivering, and a large boil began to appear in his throat. Peter, who had already stood up, hurried over to his friend. "Uh, Ehud. Why don't I continue this interview, and you go and try to research the databases?"

His friend was very grateful for this."Y-yes," he stammered. "I'll just go and look into it now."

Peter looked at the rest of Ehud's Voight-Kampff questions on the sheet of paper, and then he threw them aside. He looked at the girl, directly into her eyes. "You actually see this little boy, named Bobby?" he asked.

The girl was also trembling by now. She rushed into Peter, and squeezed him as tightly as she could, her tears dowsing his t-shirt. "I've been seeing him for years now!" she cried."I keep telling them and telling them, but they never believe me!"

Harry, at this point, seeing what was happening, exploded angrily. "I knew it!" he yelled, suddenly, and charged into the two, separating his daughter from this crazy man, "I knew you were looking at her strangely when we first walked in!"

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