Sunday, August 19, 2012

Design Patterns

The most basic patterns, called Tessellations, are based on repetition and periodicity.

Tessellations are most basic when repeated and periodically exercised.

A large tessellation wounded me, repeatedly inflicting pain over a periodical basis.

Wonderful tessellated *and tessellating* joy shall rain over you, Noah, in due courses.

Happiness is is oft mistaken for a blasé demeanour, just as blasé demeanours are a mean way to criticize methodical enjoyments of happiness.

"Am I slowly going nuts?"

"Very slowly."

On a two-pronged approach, in a flight simulator, avoid the path that is hell. Land, instead, on that small area in the patch of the mountains.

Landing gear down. No not up! Down.

Just lower it. Let any self-smugglers drop off like crispy critters. Now, align with the runway.


You have a few hundred people riding on your back, no pressure.