Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ghost Story VII

This is part 7 of a Ghost Story. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 here.Part 3 is about lesbians. Part 4 is here. Part 5.666 Part A8E.

"Oh, shit," said Peter, his eyes literally popping from his skull. "Have you been abusing her? Is that what's happening? Is that why she's seeing the spooks?" He covered his mouth, and then Harry tackled him, as expected.

Ehud walked over as the two men rolled around on the floor. "Peter, you're not helping," he said.

"I don't know," said Peter, trying to avoid the father's punches aimed into his mouth, "I've been wondering --" this time a punch connected -- and Ehud began to try to separate the men. As he was dragged away into a corner, Peter said his piece: "Been wondering why the dude has been looking so jumpy all this time?"

Harry tried to charge, but Beatrice and Emma held him back. The father snorted, and then spat, and then, regaining some composure, said "Well, this wasn't exactly what I had expected from the Wisconsin Paranormal Society."

"Dad, stop!" said Emma, covering her face in shame.

"Stop what, Emma? Why are you covering your face?" asked Harry, angrily, and pointing. "Seriously, why? He is the one that is trying to seduce you into his business. He is the one that is evil."

"Look. I have a girlfriend man," said Peter, struggling from Ego -- Ehud's arms. "I don't need to go around touching your 'little girl'. Like you do. Or did."

"Peter, shut up," said Ehud.

"Oh yeah?" laughed Harry, now trying to kick Peter in the face, despite being several feet away. "So who's your so-called girlfriend?" He then imagined booting Peter's face once again, with one of his boots. "How do you like that, you child-molesting little freak? How is that workin' out for ya?"

"Her name is Nadine," shouted Peter, face down on the floor, bleeding a little bit from his nose. "We're in love. Suck on it. I don't need your 'child' to engender some kind of sexual mythology that probably even I would not care for."

Ehud finally managed to break in and properly separate the two. "Nothing productive has come of these exchanges." He looked at Beatrice, and found that she was now sobbing, very softly. So was Emma. "Why don't I tell you some useful information, instead?" he said.

"Yes," said Beatrice, shakily, and she took Ehud's hand. Her poor knees were wobbling. "Tell me about it. What is really happening?"

"Uh. Well, it's actually just some blips," said Ehud, shaking his head. He was slightly nervous.

Beatrice walked over and she and Ehud embraced their arms. "Tell me," she said. She then put her thigh over his lap. "I want to know everything. Tell me about everything, about this kid, Bobby."

Ehud nodded obediently. "Well, if you look at the Google Map of Madison, Wisconsin, right here is the center."

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