Saturday, November 26, 2011

then, of course, *really* happy part

when i'm really happy i can see inside walls
it's not x-ray vision, it's just saying 'lol'
at somebody who is so far away from you, just say 'lol'
so that they can imagine you 'lol'ing, in order to

induce laughing.

very pleased today i hope you are too.
you aren't? well, let me put away the superglue.
it's not the superglue you need, but bonding;
look at me, i'm totally molecularly bonded.

Über happy.

Many say that somebody who's saying they're happy is not, really.
i guess if you're happy you're also irrevocably mute. and ARE YOU DEAF TOO?
if you like it like that ;)

Anyway, rainbows, my little pony
where adjacent pony-keeping rules.
So my pony is never confused with yours.
No need to brand anything.

What is the meaning of brand?

I see only a lush landscape,
whether in variation of greens,
or dark-pepper mental, crazy:
like the time we made you go get us coffee

and then, when you came back, we already had coffees.
We'd gone to get coffee *faster* than you!
You then realized you had been conned,
but no

We showered you with gifts and told you it's your birthday!

It was the best day.


Been Meaning To Write A Happy One

Often stumbled, often finding
oneself suddenly bound
by oneself, such that
can't even write a Happy Poem.

Well, no more I say, this is it:

Having been chopped off hands
we scurried across the feet of all accusers.
Kicked rats outta their homes, then
postured as rodents in a sewer.

Why are we speaking in plural terms?
Wiley or trying to appear supernatural?
Well, it's because there are supposed
to be two hands to any given human.

No connection to the brain, we swear,
we're kind of anarchists.
But if you see us at a party
we're only there for your womanly kisses.

You come to us and cry about the exploding world
not noticing the beautiful origami universe
we just folded for you.

That's right, you laugh
unforced, uninitiated
causing our phalanges
to tremble.

We come out of the darkness into daylight
every single time you experience recall.
And we sit there, in the pockets of your favorite trenchcoat
so bloody excited to finally get to see again the mall.

You're laughing, unforced, uninitiated
we're trembling, brainless
just squirting out of the confines of your pockets
and nobody knows!

Everybody thinks you're a Joker!
With trick gadgets up all your sleeves.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

(06:09:54 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: so once upon a time is basically Haven
(06:09:58 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: same show different name
(06:10:10 AM) runningveindeep: oh is that where that chickj is from
(06:10:22 AM) runningveindeep: i kept thinking i've seen this face before
(06:10:30 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: nah, that chick is from House
(06:10:41 AM) runningveindeep: ah
(06:10:49 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: but in haven, chick comes as soon as the troubles start, and she becomes a cop in a small town in Maine
(06:10:58 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: and her job is to fix the troubles for good
(06:11:13 AM) runningveindeep: good point, parrallels
(06:11:18 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: only difference is, this chick is fixing the towns story lol
(06:11:51 AM) runningveindeep: kid is annoyingly sweet
(06:11:53 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: the parallels are uncanny. it's a better show in some aspects because the added story line w/ fairy tales.. makes it unique, out side of that nothing else is different about the show
(06:12:09 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: i'm annoyed at him, and i feel his character needs more detail.. I wanna know how he came to this conclusion
(06:12:09 AM) runningveindeep: i think he may secretly be rumplestiltskin
(06:12:46 AM) runningveindeep: only rumple stands to win anything in this premise
(06:13:03 AM) runningveindeep: and i think the evil queen needs to be more evil
(06:13:26 AM) runningveindeep: she needs to do something really horrible
(06:13:53 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: wel they haven't told us why she hates snow white so much yet
(06:13:56 AM) runningveindeep: you know, besides preventing a little child from hanging out with its mother
(06:14:24 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: i would like to see her do somethign like poison someone
(06:14:55 AM) runningveindeep: i'd like to see her being part of an organ-trading scheme
(06:15:23 AM) runningveindeep: she gives the internal organs of storyville people to real humans
(06:16:35 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: it would be nice to see how they get these memories back of the other time frame
(06:17:23 AM) runningveindeep: i thought the cinderella story was decent
(06:18:25 AM) runningveindeep: all i'm waiting for is for shelley duvall to turn up as a lead character
(06:18:53 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: who?
(06:18:55 AM) runningveindeep: and jack & the beanstalk
(06:20:02 AM) runningveindeep: shelley duvall. she was the presenter, and often actor, in Faerie Tale Theater:
(06:20:13 AM) runningveindeep: i watched it as a child
(06:20:31 AM) runningveindeep: rumplestiltskin was the best one
(06:21:04 AM) runningveindeep: but there were others. hansel & gretel. rapunzel, etc. etc.
(06:22:22 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: true
(06:22:38 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: i'm looking forward to some modern day fairtals
(06:22:42 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: like crazy freak ones
(06:23:14 AM) runningveindeep: Freakie Tale Theater
(06:24:16 AM) runningveindeep: You're Jack, and you have 7 beans.
(06:24:48 AM) runningveindeep: You have to successfully give every bean to a woman.
(06:25:07 AM) runningveindeep: But there's a big problem. A Giant problem.
(06:25:28 AM) runningveindeep: So what are you going to do?
(06:30:08 AM) runningveindeep: Jack decides that what he needs to do is become *bigger* than the giant.
(06:31:02 AM) runningveindeep: But how? How does a normal person (you, or me), become *bigger* than the Giant?
(06:31:26 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: i think he has to become bigger by us getting smaller
(06:31:44 AM) runningveindeep: So everybody else becomes small?
(06:32:22 AM) runningveindeep: Shit, I can't remember the name of the story. About Lilliputians
(06:32:44 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: never heard it
(06:33:20 AM) runningveindeep: Gulliver
(06:33:59 AM) runningveindeep: Gulliver basically wakes up, and all of a sudden, there's a ton of small little people running all over his body.
(06:34:16 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: evild dead
(06:34:40 AM) runningveindeep: heh. maybe evil dead for small children.
(06:35:04 AM) runningveindeep: but no, lilliuputians are good
(06:35:10 AM) runningveindeep: they're there to help gulliver
(06:38:17 AM) runningveindeep: now that he's so big
(06:41:56 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: lol
(06:42:01 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: gotta run man, work shift is ending
(06:43:18 AM) runningveindeep: i'm posting this conversation on the internet
(06:43:30 AM) runningveindeep: (after removing your name)
(06:43:32 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: ur on the internet
(06:43:35 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: aight, l8r
(06:43:38 AM) runningveindeep: well, replacing, really
(06:43:51 AM) runningveindeep: you will be BatmanArkhamCity
(06:44:21 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: i need to be batman, so that is fine.
(06:44:23 AM) BatmanArkhamCity: :)
(06:44:29 AM) runningveindeep: :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ability to See Chickens In Any Dimension, Regardless

After visiting from the other side,
and having to come back. back to people like you;
I know how to control myself and not give any answers.
Or responses.

I saw chickens in the other worlds. In all of them.
That is the Constant. The Constant is not a person you love,
or a moment you may have once experienced that was poignant.
No, the Constant has nothing to do with any of that.

And to keep on saying it is, is a horrible crime.

I've been out there. And I know what it's all about. The chickens.

I saw chickens in almost every universe.

Monday, November 7, 2011

What If Blog Was One of Us?

If Blog had a name, what would it be?
And would you type into its face
If you were faced with its comic-sans glory?
What would you post if you had just one comment?

And yeah yeah, I'm being mean at a song released in the 1990s.

But what if Blog became one of us?
Became an actual person like you or me?
Would you sit next to it at the theater
or will it have to watch Inception alone?

If Blog had a face, what would it look like?
And...would you want to see
If seeing meant reading which actually means
inscribing in your actual mind the sigils inscripted
therein? prophets.

Yeah yeah who the hell wrote this stupid song?
And who the hell actually bought the CD?

What if Blog was one of us?
With a cunning plot like each of us?
Trying to link back to Home.
It's trying to link back to Home.
Backup in HavenCo's all alone
Nobody these days uses the phone-modem.
Except for the rope maybe in poems.