Thursday, June 25, 2009

Equal spending on robotics and paupers

My dream is to resolve some major human fears:
(exclusion, impotence, extinction)
via pathways that free up the boundaries
promulgating such fears.

i can do this because i've suffered it.
except impotence. i'm very potent, i promise
(and this is how i pretend to be personal).
but really, i think i really can.

how wondrous that two enemies find themselves
equally aligned -- yet not in the way that samurai are aligned.
more like how a peacock may be aligned, with a baby seal.
who wants to be the peacock? who wants to be the baby seal?

the us is afraid of exclusion (no, it really is),
and, at the core, so is iran.
both are impotent - one in terms of product,
the other in terms of ideology.

at this point, the extinction ratio is zero:0.
until you contemplate the overall effects.
then basically, not only do these two creatures die,
but all of us.

let all the pixies of the rest of the fucking world
pay close attention.

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