Sunday, June 7, 2009

Real Challenges

Your mother will be so happy
if you Believe, in God.
Imagine, if you believed.
How happy your mom would be.

Don't try to distance yourself
from the womb that ejected you.
Star pilot, your mother would
only be happy if you flew

yourself into the embrace of God.


"I am not a Believer, but also
not a murderer," I declare.
So then, an agnostic? I hear.
"No," I breathe, "run more diagnostics."

If you are not agnostic, how can you
tolerate, all this time?
"Because I have tolerated, all my life,"
I explain, and my irises pour.

"All kinds of adversities, I have faced."
And who did you think of at the end?
"My mother."
Then why not fly into the embrace of God?


Let her live out her last years, knowing
that you accept His Divine Salvation.
Do this for your mother. Your mom.
Can you not even do that, in all

the sordid seeds you've sown of life?

I laugh. "Why is the decor so melancholy?"
I shout into the emptiness. But then,
from the emptiness, comes a Being.
It comes to diagnose me. To examine. I smile.

"Mythology is important," I laugh, "don't get me wrong."

I put a red nose on the Being. Then I become a deer. Then the Holiday Season came too soon this Year.

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