Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back To Save The Universe

Someone is laughing at some midgets on reality tv.
It's me. I'm laughing at midgets. Why?
This would be a nice train of introspection but
an oyster just spat a pearl in my eye.

Am I being random? "No, who says you can be really random?"
Thanks, mom. I scoop the pearl out, sacrificing an iris.
The pearl is carried, by my miserable cyclops impersonation, to Him.
He removes my jelly from the equation, sprinking sugar over the sidewalk.

Don't go to school, then they'll send the fat bitch from the opera,
cryin' out like there's some kind of mythology in this shit.
Being random, I stole one of Opera's old age gums.
They chased me trying to find the tone till their sun finally come.

Now I just walk uprooting trees and dentists,
if you're a dentist, just don't ever plant a fucking tree.
I throw economists into there, into the mix,
trying, hard as I can, to make it more fun.

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