Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crunchiness and all value of sour cream crisp is destroyed by Monster Munch crisp

Once upon a time, I told a story.
A story about a woman who had to revert
due to the bear that she met.

In my Monster Munch pickled onion crispy time
many of my bodily heating systems fail
and I devolve into a reptile.

A reptile.
The crunchiness is overwhelming
the onion pickle flavor is too fainting
and makes me faint.

Splats of paint upon the statue of a remarkable man.

If they had a bag of Monster Munch, they would have been totally ...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Renewal

....init (those dots signify 'things' that occur)
... Sun unavailable due to planetary rotation. Synthesizing global illumination in cheapest possible fashion
... Dehydration detected. Adding water (Source: tap)
.. Traversal of boundaries detects prior experience
.. Loading experience
.. Unloading
.. New parameters
. Everything looking good. Raise the body

The Shutdown Process

. Lands plane from 4500ft @ initial IAS 180. Flaps came in useful, as did rudder
. Tickles the trigger of a gun without fully pulling it
. Adds personal DVD commentary to all films, downloadable publicly
. Writes best song, melody and rhythm
. Finishes every game started
. Finally writes that writing software that was in head cultivation about for 10 years
. . Dismantles the bomb
. . Goes on comedy club stage and eats bad food while watching patrons
. . Achieves real world peace
. . Legs go out while waiting for coffee at Starbucks. Collapses without latte in hand
. . Most bodily functions cease. Little finger on left hand still itches. (forever fr0zen)
. . Begins to actually listen

. . . Dies claiming caveat

We kiss several times

The best thing about kissing you is that you have no idea, so we give you Our Kiss. 

And you let us kiss you. And you disclose documents that were all this time a critical aspect of our relationship. You put them in the yellow folders.

You're like a robocop girlfriend. A woman who makes sure I do the rules.