Saturday, June 20, 2009

laser death

This is an old poem from when SONY began doing it’s blu-ray thing.
as i walked into harry’s apartment
my shoes came entwined in strands
of vhs and betamax.

harry, harry! i screamed into blue darkness,
feet gathering a black mass — trudging!
harry! what on earth has happened?
deep in the center, shrouded in a sickly interlaced glow
hunched harry. fiddling with buttons,
seven remote controls.

harry, harry! what on earth has happened?
harry’s horrid grin cornered round his head
threatening some evil demise to my techno innocence.
“i’ve just transferred all of my vhs and betamax
to dvd.
all of it!”

such purity in his intent. such nobility in his victory.
so entrenched in the fruit of his labor, his hunched form.
gathering my pockets, i took a breath of preparation, then
unleashed my terrible onslaught upon this wicked harry’s person.
harry, harry! but the dvds are going out!

we’re all moving on to blu-ray now,
you poor dear!

on lonely nights, when no one will answer their phones
i uncap a bottle of black and savour sweetly …

harry bursting from his apartment,
like some demon of black vhs and betamax
that streamed about his body on the streets,
“goddamn you SONY!”

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