Monday, June 15, 2009

The Baby Steps Man

When I was young, I'd be sitting there,
under that tree at the whateverpalooza.
Mocking the idiots in the place.

I would laugh at people's tattoos
right after they got them.
Tell old people the corndogs'll kill 'em.

Now I find I'm much older.
Cannot just stand around at Whateverpalooza,
mocking away from my admittedly Ridiculous beard.

I have to move on to a new Plane.
Go 'Beyond'. I have to find a whole new set
of people to mock.

Contemporary (2009) yuppies is too broad.
Because everyone these days is basically a damn yuppy.
So I find the people who go 'niche'.

This progression, however,
is also not just about changing the subjects.
It is also about changing The Predicate. Me.

My modus operandi (doesn't it feel just so much better written out in whole?)
must evolve from the mere sideshow at that carnival,
where my true love once broke up with me,

and Soar to new Heights.

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