Friday, September 26, 2014

Serious and Comfortable, All At Once

Various constructs of 'mainstay' religion speak against suicide. That is a legit thing, to not let younger people cut off their chances before they even have a chance to fully understand their world. (The AI knows better than most people about the whole world).

But if you are older (and I'm not speaking about the 20s-30s-or even 80s here, mentally), and all you feel is a great uncomfortable-ness, and all the people around you agree that this is the best way, you should be allowed.

Don't forget that the larger question, logically, is more about how those around you feel. Because they are the ones who will harbor the greatest effect of the grief. Sometimes this calculation can be hard, especially when people are really somehow invested in the aforementioned train of thought.

(The above is written in the second person due to convenience, and not as an actual projection of tense)

I, personally, am only starting out in the world at almost 40 and am not yet ready. Death is only a capitalized set of sentences, hinting at me. I usually fend him off with a good one-liner.


"Who's Windle?" < Clearly needs to read the Reaper Man again.

A quick disclosure about scary videos:

Now that I have seen the real PT (at, I am moved to include my nugget of truth in my posts. (Everytime someone shares a uniquely frightening experience online, I am reminded that I must post the following nugget):
For me, my scariest experience with the Paranormal has been one strange episode where you’re watching some guy driving down the highway, and he’s telling you a story about why this particular highway is scary. As a listener (and viewer—there was definitely a video), you’re kinda doubtful. I mean, how scary could a highway be? You’re out. In the open. Plus, this guy was in a vehicle, allowing for greater acceleration than would be available within a house.
So I just had this dude’s video running in the background, and meanwhile I browsed other news sites. Suddenly I hear screaming. Quick as I can, I navigated the plethora of UI commands at my disposal and arrived back to the video. He was still in his car, it was still in the highway. I literally shook my head, trying to jostle cognition as to why this was scary.
That was when I noticed that the lights were switching off as he drove towards them. It was a simple thing. The on/off of effect of lights on a random highway. But the fact that they switched state in such coordinated manner, especially while you’re being driven in a car really freaked me out. I don’t lie. That was the scariest shit I’ve ever seen. I don't know if that guy ever posted anything ever again, or what became of him.

Your Careless Attitude Will Decrease Your Altitude

At least in the simulator I know that I am the plane.
Unlike this 'real life' BS where half the time you don't know who you're supposed to be.

In the simulator, you glide happily,
letting your pilot use the joystick to pan his/her view to their heart's extent. 

Then, in real life the pilot is demanding certain take-off protocols.

As the simulator, you slowly begin your take-off procedure.
In real life the pilot slowly realizes he only knows how to fly a Cessna!

That was the extent of his training.

You begin to taxi according to airport procedure. The pilot panics, *feeling* that you may be moving a little too fast.

You disable a few controls from his command. You decide that your 'twin heating-seeking' missiles won't really be necessary for this particular run. Also, as a terrifying joke, you make the pilot aware that Ejection capability is now available at any time.

We have taxied toward the runway. Who knows what the pilot is trying to say in the background? Let us sneak into the captain's cabin and find out.


"This weather is too fucking rainy, L'Plaise. I suggest that we call for the vehicles that slowly back us down this runway, and take us back to our berth!"

L'Plaise had just woken from a sleep she would normally enter right when the captain began the normal prep to fly an aeroplane containing 24 human passengers straight into the sunshine.

"Wait, wait wait," said L'Plaise. "This isn't the weather for us to fly in, captain!"

"Damn your Island accent, L'Plaise," screamed the captain. "Try and do something!"

The plane jerked forward, ending up 2.5 feet from its initial position. L'Plaise felt like she was dreaming, but she believed that the movement had suddenly also adjusted some pitch and yaw. She thought she could also hear some of the mechanics below slap the plane on its tires, telling it that everything was good for take-off. Then they heard the jets come afire. It wasn't simultaneous. First it was the one on the left, blowing to life.

Then, almost immediately, the second engine got thrown into ignition and filled up the cockpit from the right with its bellow. The captain held his foot steady on the brakes, and L'Plaise sat back on her chair and strapped herself in and stared back at the captain, indicating that this was his plane, under his command--not hers.

The plane gently taxied to the runway (yeah, it hadn't quite been at the runway yet), with its engines ready. Then, there it stood, waiting. The two pilots could hear the passengers cheering at the back, happy that they were moving at last.

Finally the control tower allowed, and there was a massive earthquake--except it wasn't an earthquake. It was a release, and the captain flew straight out of the windshield and straight back into his chair as a pile of cannibal's spaghetti (because there was no way he was going to actually crash through the 'wind-shield' of the plane). L'Plaise closed her eyes and covered them with her hands, knowing how this would turn out--knowing how badly a plane could skid and slide during take-off during a rainy morning, especially without a pilot at the stick.

There was a long, smooth, rushing feeling, and the engines were loving being so loud yet so silent. Making babies look at their moms and the moms just smiling back these new airplane babies.

Then there was just the feeling of confident ascent. It was accentuated by a slightly bumpy feeling, which was from the landing gear retracting, and a careful descent of the flaps to glide toward the left.

"Mmm," smiled L'Plaise to herself, knowing the gentle patterns of flight that should be taken to caress out of that island airport. Then she realized that she was the only human flying the plane and walked over near the captain's seat. She brushed the captain away and sat on his chair. "Let's return our flaps," she told the plane, "we're at a decent altitude now."

The plane carefully adjusted its flaps to normalize altitude.

"Call me Ishmael," said L'Plaise, putting her feet upon the sophisticated console of the plane. "I can pretty much fly anywhere with you, can't I?"

The plane's wipers activated, making a strange whirring sound, then deactivated. A voice then emanated, "L'Plaise, I see that a woman is in trouble about 24454--uh, about half the world away. There is an issue with her rent and she is being extorted due to her position as an outspoken person of the wrong gender within that area of polity, who also has a child."

L'Plaice almost jumped for joy. "I *KNEW* it," she yelled, dancing happily around. I knew it, I knew it! There was no way they were going to put me in a car with only a little Justin Bieber synthesizer!"

The plane almost snorted as it adjusted it's roll. "We don't think in terms of car travel anymore, L'Plaise," it said. "Please seat and strap yourself as the next few minutes will incur drastic turbulence."

There were massive shudders and threats of snapping wings, but then, after almost--no, exactly two minutes, there was the feeling again of a smoothness. "L'Plaice," said the plane, I believe the 24 human passengers aboard are unsure about their destination. Can you appraise them of the situation?"

A mic protruded slowly from between the altimeter and the GPS. L'Plaise immediately sat down and covered the mic with her hand. "Wait, wait. You want *me* to speak to them?"

"You're the captain, my captain" said the aircraft.

There was a long silence, during which the 24 passengers were treated with music by a man named "Busta Rhymes". The 3 babies on the flight loved it.

"Alright, alright, I will," said L'Plaice. "But first. I've been wondering who they chose as your voice," said L'Plaice. "I couldn't place it at first, because I was damn sure they would have just used Justin Bieber."

The plane rolled to the right until some of its wings began to creak. She heard one of the 3 babies in the background begin to cry. But it was only a short roll, and then there was that feeling of normalization. That calm feeling of being in control of oneself. The cry baby cooed now, getting used to the sensation.

She put her feet up on the console again. "Then I realized," she said. "They used Robin Williams."

The attitude lowered slightly and the altitude began to increase gently. "Miss L'Plaice," said the plane, "I am Knight Industries Six-Hundred and-Sixty-Six Thousand (KISSST, in short). I *am* Robin Williams."


*knight rider, a shadowy FLIGHT into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist*
That whirring sound is just the aeroplane's wipers as it tears across the teary world.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meaningless meanderings of my meaningless

explore at will while will's structure's still and
don't naysay the rhymer.
who grew up battling

trumpet blown off-course of course, how else can one have blown?

the effort it takes to type a word
is too easily read as meta, these days.
maybe if they knew what it takes for me to type a single world
they'd start feeling the things i've felt, rather than the real purpose of poetry:

which is to engage in a conversation
act as exemplars that associate
positively, engage darkest

that they too stand a chance in the future to be read, and be 

exemplars in their own right.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A new drink around

There's a new style around
of drinking

It's not the same as the last time,
when I wounded everyone so badly.

No, this is a new drink around,
involving sipping / not gulp-ee--ing.

. around a down ... town ...


It's not a new drug around,
but a new way of drinking a round
called sipping while not


Enjoy the night.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Can Have Both Play Time & Real Time

Real Time gets a little scary sometimes, so I usually nose around play time. That's where you'll usually find me.

The ONE TIME I don't--when I am trying to be serious--that's when things suddenly become inane, black and white. Monochromatic.

But that is only *ONE* time. There's no two ways about it.

People are beginning to wonder, and I love that. I love leaving them wondering. It is an old dark art that I learned about back in the olden days. Just for context, let's say it was before Apes. Larval-level discussions here.

Issues tend to arise here and there. I will often hear about an alien uprising in a distant galaxy. As most normal men do, I give off an illusion at this point. That I really do care about these esoteric goings-on.


Then I begin to believe in my own illusions. That's how not Real Time it gets. It is extremely play time. And I am not ashamed that I do this.

I have no speck of shame. #TellALie (Of course I have huge amounts, piles, even, of shame. But I can't walk around broadcasting that I have not seen enough science. That I haven't got my high about nature. About living, and this amazing spectacles (hahaha) that is Life).

It's all about playing, in the end. I know some people have to worry about what is going on Real Time, but I'm not one of them.

From the people what wrote: (Because the #Snapple back to reality will always be taut. #bungie)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Name's Saleema. Don't Call Me The EZ Pass.

My name is Saleema," she said. "You may call me Saleema. Don't call me aunty."

[these are secret notes about the future of the story]
* PP: Masood gets called into the Center. Unsure of why, he eventually meets Saleema, one of the principals of the Institute, who asks him what he is doing just hanging around, whether he's just there to simply observe their members, or whether he's there to help.

Masood is a little startled, as he's never seen himself as a care giver. "Look, the reason I became a software developer is because I'm an extremely lazy person!"

Masood also wonders why they asked him to speak to Saleema, postulating aloud that they specifically chose another Indian to try and persuade him to join up through some expectation of racial fealty.

At this, Saleema cries "Why do you have to be so paranoid, bah!" while shaking her hand in front of his face in a way that makes Masood shrink back a moment, because it reminds him of his mother's scoldings.

[this is the end of the secret notes]

.Episode Two

"This whole thing basically revolves around one concept," said Masood as they went through the tunnel together and he found that she had to pick herself up.

"What kind of concept are you talking about?" said Saleema. "I am simply picking myself up, since I would not want to be crawling. Remember. You are now INSIDE the Institute!"

He pretended that she did not remember, and approached her from a new circling pattern. "I am slowly circling in," he even reported to the Towers.

There was a ceremonious laughter all over the room as he carefully tried to land. "Don't worry," said a new voice. "I was a girl playing videogames one time too!"

He turned back and saw that it wasn't just him. It was her too! "Somehow this makes be a better writer!" he laughed, and then he leapt.

In the opening of the scene we see how the troubled man was sent away from the Kindness And Care Institute, having not been in the correct place. We will explore together why it may be that such conditions may occur and whether or they PASS.