Friday, November 12, 2010

redding, grayer

based on an offhand comment on social: "i just have a huge problem with beets. they're all red and stuff, but don't taste like what red is supposed to taste like"

Red is supposed to taste like some apples,
piled all on top of some very fresh meat.
I know inside the fruit is kinda yellow,
or green or blue at high intensities,

and some brightness, eh?

But when red is introduced
into an outgoing stream from my wrist
watch (sorry about the hyphen), thought
this cool watch that pours red liquids

would be kinda cool to a new-tech fangled fool like you.

or me. i'm getting grayer.
my hair was black but now poses identity issues,
unlike your great red hair.
your beligerent, audacious, frankly mad
red hair.

(i can do ones about any color, black, blonde, purple).
auburn. i can do auburn.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You're the Piece of

that flashes in one of my many souls.
As some fiction,
Stargate sucks hard,
but retains properties lending the merit

of my focus.

In a nearby dream/stream,
I'm the Grand Prix driver
every woman in that audience
is screaming for.

Gotta indulge yourself
sometimes when the truth is bleak.
Like when you have no limbs
you have to navigate empty space

without the thrusters.