Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ghost Story

This is a part of a Ghost Story. Part One, in fact. Part 2 is here. Then Part 3, with lesbians. Part 4 is here. Part 5. Part 6.
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How little Bobby dealt with the fact that no one liked to hang out with him, was, he would write short letters, time to time, to the Wisconsin Paranormal Society. On occasion, he would get a letter in response, and reading these alone in his bedroom would fill that empty space.

"Dear Bobby,

Hope all is going well in school. I have never heard of ghosts that touch people while they play their Solitaire, but it sounds very interesting! I will keep your report in our files - who knows, some day it may help in one of our investigations.

Perhaps your friends can't come and play with you because their parents make them do other things - you know, chores and homework, and such. I know it's hard to imagine this is true every year, even on your birthdays, but sometimes it isn't easy to have everything in life. You must always remember this, it will help you.

Please keep writing us your findings in the paranormal field - all the letters we receive from you have been very helpful!

Your friend,
E. Spengler"

Bobby folded the letter and carefully placed it back in its envelope. He studied the stamp for a while - it was a picture of the Gettysburg Massacre. When he looked up, a pale shadow disappeared into the wall on his left.

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