Sunday, June 7, 2009

snap crocodile

What I like about Sumerians is that they were basic.

There wasn't all this shit I keep having to wave in my hands
that motherfuckers like to call culture.

They're like, little brainless shits trying to imagine
some kind of 'forward direction'. They like sepulturas.
But rhyming and shit.

How many meters more?
Someone has the rum.
Tick tack cadence,
ah old Redbeard was yum.

What I like about Sumerian poetry is the innocence by which they do their daily escapades. "I'm going to just go out and farm, yo," says an ancient Sumerian man, in the middle of the day. "Want more wheat."

Only the overlay of hundreds of years of general happiness is left to us to be tarnished by the *actually designed*. How but to muse at these people who are so advanced that they have let themselves, their actual beings, become facilitators for their accessories.

"Hello. I am trying to facilitate my accessory. Please let my dreams come true."

Why the fuck not?

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