Saturday, April 17, 2010

Please Publish Me Before I Die of Cancer

This is in response to somebody who asked about publishing.

These sheets from last year's flu
have sickened me yet again.
Thought my body'd built a resistance,
but my leukemia's given way to HIV.

Take one a day or five weekly,
or take just nine of these
every second you feel the need!
Has its rush come upon you yet?

I bribed a publisher with amphetamines,
now's he running around town, in womens' underwear
preaching the return of England's Queen.
"She has the cancer and must be crowned,"
he tearfully confesses, "for she is soon to pass on."

My bladder burst mid-ladder to these stars,
appendix popped out and became an evil twin!
Got the shakes at my lecture on 'Titling Work'!
Titillating pre-constellation gout
yet now so far, far out,
editing just to rhyme would constitute a felony ...

In geriatric circles they give you a pigeon,
that to its claw you may attach a missive.
"Dear Publisher, I may not live till Christmas;
that is, my mind may not live till then.
So please publish me sooner rather than later,
for what good will it do me, once I'm a stick of celery?"


Damn, KITT's so evil,
it forgot to spell evel correctly.

does crazy stunts
on its bumper,
or its exhaust.

Crazy stunts on the molecular bonded shell
friction all over the environment,
blow up flames

just to save the kid and the Mutha.

Evel KITT visits the charity homes of old people,
to gain intelligence and their lunch, Marla style.
While waiting for them to find the book they wanted to give,
it does another stunt.


Hundred hand slap in nanoscale

What, you thought you were going to quit me just because "she said"?

Must be a special person
but like Patricia McPherson
she is only a mechanic.

Thinks she knows how you think,
she does do that, I know she does.
What's the big fuss? The real reason
your woman likes you is cos of the lint

in my belly button, where demons are invented.
Pazuzu, Lucifer (yeah, demon) and even the one
that threatens its interest in the 'lack' of Me.

Why is skin peeling from my face at this point?
Lotion! Bring me the lotion!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Born in the Year of the Spam

Scan by the legs when you're stuck in your pram,
lasers for eyes detecting all of their limbic scams.
They thought all this data would be impossible to cram,
now they will be sorry for underestimating the power of Spam.

Recollecting its birth and its subsequent span ...
seemed impossible that it could have come from a can.
Incredulous, it began believing in some master Plan
devised by a Genius unfathomable by any mortal man.

Now eaten only by half at 90, well past the sell-by date.
Still kept as antiquity to serve as an example of Fate.
Everytime the fridge door parts, it shivers, anticipates --
only to be reminded of its place by all the new crates.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wave I

open eyed iblis
lisps to the top
slip 'em the mop
for a portcullis chance,

does it slip or slant
this meshwork at glance?
is it worthy of an up-commance
or just another place to land?

sleight of the hand
is no trick of the word
unless you're the man for a
bloody deaf bird.

don't knock it.
"who who?" says Who.
i said don't knock it!
"or a lot rather bad, boo hoo!"
enough people call me enough,
now this census tries to ask more.
mandatory and required by law.
i want to see all the faces guv,

want to see all the faces of people that are looking at my info
at do some webcams. 24/7
for these peering men and women.

oh iblis this was just going to be another rant
about some chick who left five thousand years ago.  

iblis, don't spin it to
little lesbian she were?

you're the cunt by far, iblis, not past-participle

which makes me a very big, big dick.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conjunctivitis Man

Whole body exploded from Whole Foods,
scrambling in a curve to meet the curb. They didn't have it:
"Just stay away!" came the cry, "stay away from me!"

The Jamba Juicers tried consoling with chocolate banana
shake, but mere shaking would not contain his mad tremor:
this was a man with one boiled egg burning in his palm, trying

to find some bloody plate in his own masterful house!
"Rite-Aid!" he cried, "there's a bloody Rite-Aid down there!"
He ran down the hill as the crowd witnessed his trail.

His massive trail of ... pus, was it? Or blood, brother?
Or mere molten skin, just flourishing with glory from his face?
"I have conjunctivitis man!" he screamed, as he scampered down ...

"Watch the hell out or my eye is gonna bloody pop unto one of yours!"