Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why do I always experience an inward laugh whenever Jordi in StarTrek finds a girl he won't end up with?

I want to talk today about relations and sips.

When you are a primary relation, you may sip once in the presence.

When you are a secondary relation, you could sip twice, but the second one must be assuredly done in 'secret'.

The third thing can sip the whole glass, as long as they have remembered to add salt.

Add Salt!!!

so march loves

An intrusive mal-prediction once slipped as
a mistake by a father to fix the kid's broken yo-yo.
yo, yo,
you can never fix the kid's yo-yo, yo.

(don't even try)

but if you tried, here's a butter cookie.
the butter cookie envelopes the cookier parts,
making sure you never learn about puns.

"My God, I am so Smarty!"