Friday, August 28, 2009

The Deep, Deep Freeze

His face was already distorted by every possible horror imaginable. You know how some kids made up a site called 'are you hot, or not?'? Well, he went beyond that level of intelligence.

Well, in New York City, if you want to eat a pizza, there are several places to get a 'real New York Slice'. But if you want to go really crazy, you can go and have a meal at Waldy's. The guy even makes a website where he explains to you the reasons he had for producing his fine product.

Unlike a regular slice, Waldy makes the crust thin. Lean mean fighting machine, etc. So there's the bases. All covered. Then, he goes ahead and puts all kinds of toppings over this crust he has made, because, honestly, after the crust, you're pretty much fixed up.

This is what experts do. They already know that they are excellent, so what they do is, they Embellish.

They polish the shoe store for the customer.

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