Thursday, August 20, 2009

There Needs to Be Something Good

The sub-atomic particles were confused. "What is this direction? Why this?" they cried.

"He needs something good," they were informed by a surrounding voice. "This time, we are going to do something good."


When a Boy awoke, his soul filled up his skin so gently as taking careful steps amongst marigold. "The body is just a shell," sang a voice into his ear. "It is your soul that is important."

Babies know that these are the lies of anxious mothers. They start crying, at first, just to exacerbate the anxiety. Because the mother is the first testing unit. The babies want to see what they can do -- how far they could go. The cool thing is that even this lie is comforted by their Mother, after a short process of her various mixed emotions. Then the momz takes the baby and soothes it. The entire 'act' is one of liberation. Of freedom. The baby falls asleep at his mother's teat, free in his dreams, and the mother is also freed. She knows this boy will grow up to be probably the most excellent man ever. Now she may proceed and find sustenence for herself, and the baby.

The father is a distant figure. It is the mother who teaches the baby everything. From speaking -- saying things like 'bubba bubba bubba' -- to crawling. Yes, crawling. The mother teaches the child to crawl, and then one day, he finally does! She gets so excited, she phones up everybody she could possibly know. "He's crawling!" she cries, into the phone receiver, to a million people who probably don't care. But the million people are not what is important. It is the tears of the mother that are important, here. That is where you will find the most beautiful happiness. If you were there, you could even take one of the tears, and taste it, and it will blow your mind more explosively than any drug sold around in the multiverse.

Eventually the baby begins to advance from crawling, to walking. It tends to learn by itself. Mother is always watching, of course, but now it is from some kind of distant, fond amusement. Now she thinks, "Oh my God, what have I created?" There is a distinct smile on her face. She admonishes the baby, when it makes little mistakes. She trains it, according to her beliefs and such. But then one day, the child, now even talking back, informs her that her instructions are becoming rote. "My god," she cries to herself at night (not when he is listening). "I hope you are not going to break my heart."

Despite her greatest fears, this is a Good story. The baby grew up into a little boy, violent and mad. He did crazy things. One time, he even rode his BMX so fast, and pulled the front brakes, and was tossed over it, landing on his nose. The physics were amazing. That is the reason his nose ended up that way, for the rest of his life. His mother was not very happy when she saw it. But she told him, "You are now learning about the ways of life."

So he learned. He dated his first girlfriend at the age of 9 or so, on a see-saw. Later on, he moved on to more complex issues. He began hunting things bigger than little dragonflies with wings to pull out, or frogs in whose mouths to put firecrackers. He learned about a thing called 'humanity', which is where you get to care for people. He learned it because there was this one girl who (in planned place of his mother) told him how to do things. This girl was amazing. She knew about things, and when she conducted her experiments, all the physics always ended up completely correct. With this woman, the boy grew to even greater heights. He became a Man.

Is that not a beautiful story? No? Let me tell you something more beautiful than even that. Bear with me, and imagine ... imagine if the mother originally had never taken care of the Boy like that? Imagine if she did not even want it. Or maybe she was not ready for it. "What's so beautiful about that?" you might ask. "How can she be such an evil bitch?" Here is what is beautiful: I'm here to tell you that she is beautiful. And, no, she is not an evil bitch. I'm here to tell you that it is her prerogative. I'm telling you that she has to have a choice. Because if she does not have a choice, then all of the amazing stuff you see above will turn negative. The 'beautiful baby' who learned to walk and talk will end up a complete bastard. I don't mean that in the familial sense, either. He will be an an actual complete bastard. Not like-able at all. Nobody will love him. People will pretend to love him, but they would only do it for his cash.

So you see, then. She has to have the choice. That is how beautiful the whole thing ends up.

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