Sunday, March 15, 2009

Synchronous Suns, Great Lunar Landscapes

"Not everything has to be so horrid," it is said.
"Who says anything is horrid?" I respond.
"You, just told me you don't believe in anything."
"That's not horrible."

We'd been hanging for about twelve years or so. Over time, I was able to begin to appreciate my companion, instead of automatically terminating it upon realizing there is no larger scheme. Once this tiny curb was skipped, we could begin to delve into each other's idiosyncrasies. My friend, it turns out, has really immense idiosyncrasies.

Sometimes they deign to throw a simple sketch of the common lives of the humans. Other times they take that idea, and elongate.

And elongate. Then, further pull. Till, at one vertex you begin wondering if maybe you went a little too far on this trip? (This, my friend, is a real question mark). Maybe bit into that full lip of yours a little too much? Rats begin to roam the peripheral vision, like fleeting nerds. "Did you ever go far enough?" they chorus.

Then, you're finally woken again, as an eddy plays along one of your synaptic pathways. You love all these people. So much. A little ... too much ...

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