Sunday, March 15, 2009


Rolo says this is 3/9 of 'the blinking lights'. Here are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

"I made thirteen, Fool," boasted Rolo as we rounded the corner before the gas
station. I smiled and nodded - he had, indeed, made thirteen breaths in the last
few moments. I pointed at the bag of quarters, which was showing an edge from
his overcoat, and he quickly covered it up to keep it snug.

We decided to chat with Pretty Rogerson, who waits outside the gas station,
before stepping in. It's always a good idea to learn what the latest goings on
are before getting yourself into any messes. Rogerson told us that a robbery was
currently under progress inside, and that we should hurry if we wanted to get
some soda for free.

We thanked him and walked into the gas station store. A young boy, probably
around 17 or so, was nervously waving a gun at Mr. Everidge's face. I smiled and
waved at the couple, and Rolo walked up to the refrigerator. He got my Jolt, and
an orange drink for himself.

"What the fuck is this?" said the boy, shaking his gun at Mr. Everidge.

"Oh, just harmless, just harmless," he replied. "They won't bother you."

"They're walking out without paying!" exclaimed the youth. His mouth was wide
open. "They're not paying!"

I waved goodbye and snuck a candy bar in my pocket as we walked out. "Ah,
sometimes they pay, sometimes they don't pay," I heard Mr. Everidge explain to
the thief. "I don't get too worked up about it."

I gave the candy bar to Pretty Rogerson for helping us out. It's good to provide
incentives to your friends. That way, they help you out in return. I also warned
him that a cold front was coming in, and he should perhaps not wear such a short
skirt. Pretty nodded while opening the candy wrapper, but I don't think he took
my advice to heart.

"Let's go see what Arlene is up to, Fool," said Rolo. We marched into the street
towards Arlene's place.

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