Saturday, March 21, 2009

Massive Six-by-Eight ft. High-Definition TV Has Tiny Production Artifact

"Okay, I'm really getting tired of these. These ... dOTs," I grumbled.

dOT was speaking again now, waking me from my peaceful slumber. It was able to perform whole sentences. Said something about being able to 'actually fleep peeffully'. "Well ain't that marvelous," I fumed.

For those who don't know, dOT is a baby I hear from time to time, going about in the building in which I live. When I first learned of it, it was spirited, yet could not speak in any language except to say "dOT!" all day long (loudly). This is why I named it dOT.

However, as evidenced by today's massive dissertation on delta wave brain states, dOT is starting to learn how to compose whole sentences. Which makes it something more human, and less dOT-like.

But I am still going to call it dOT for a while. Until the bird is actually able to leave the coop.

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