Friday, March 6, 2009

I am not autustic, I am just an asshole.

Such an asshole I could not even spell check-autistic in titling my work.

Nothing is really very important to me, but goal-oriented individuals must understand that this is by careful design rather than, say, mental dysfunction. Like autists, I find it insulting when you try to evoke responses from me in the college den. However, I am not an autist, and so the joke is kind of on you, if you would be so cruel to do that. If you would.

I can fall in love. I fell in love 3.935 times, with four and three quarters of a girl. These are not factual recantations of an automaton or savant, these are measured findings of a studied, passionate, bully.

When I fall in love, then it falls apart, it hurts at f(x)/toAsThughIwouldGiveUTheFormula. I'm not cheap. I'm not an automaton. Not a savant. I chose this path in life. The level to which I fell apart was carefully gauged. I gave each dying neuron a silver watch. It was nuanced intentionally, and once my supermind was sated, it relieved my corporeal being to its nominal stance.

I chose this. So when I tell you that none of the structures of the world, or universe, impact me anymore, I hope you will not demote me automatically to a mere egoist, as is wont of lesser egos, under duress, and instead, more logically, try to run me over with you car(s).

:) Also, buy a fucking playstation 3 and fight me @ stweet fighter 4. stweet, yes. come on. use your food stamps, cheapos.

Unlike autists, who strive lifelong to simulate the cogitations of common humans, I just stride beyond, because I already know what is there. I know the darkness, the emptiness that resides in the human condition, in every human soul (try as they might to declare themselves existing).

I have chosen to live beyond the peepulls.

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