Sunday, March 15, 2009

incentives for friends

Rolo says this is 4/9 of 'the blinking lights'. Here are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

About a block before Arlene's place, there used to be a small stretch of tarmac
on the east side that tapered off after a couple hundred meters. Some say that
this was where Mr. Hong's raw fish bar used to stand, before the accursed
incident with the ritalin and the match-box boy.

Rolo stopped at the tapering road and looked into the empty overgrowth that
sprawled there now. "You ever heard of the Blinking Lights, Fool?" he asked. His
voice had taken on a silent, hoarse streak.

I joined him by the road and shrugged, sipping some of my Jolt. "One night,"
said Rolo, "I was running down this street to deliver some emergency makeup to
Pretty Rogerson, and I stumbled upon this here branch..." He kicked at a lone
branch, which sprang back. It was attached to some of the undergrowth.

"When I looked up, there were the Blinking Lights. Shimmering, just four feet
above the ground." Rolo pulled his coat closer to him and let out a little
shiver. "It was like ... like they could see me. The Lights, I mean. They were
playing around over there, and putting on a show for me."

I looked at him, raising an eyebrow, and smiled. "There was green one, and a
white one. And somewhere in the back, I could see a red one, but that was kinda
hiding away. Lurking."

We both looked down the tapering road. Rolo found some gravel to scratch his
foot on. "It's because of all the ... gasses," he said. "They react during the
tectonic shifts, which are very special down this road, and release the Lights."

An owl took off from a tree, and in the distance you could hear the waters of
the hydroelectric dam rushing across the Canals. "Anyway," said Rolo, taking my
hand and leading me away, "We'll come by again tomorrow night. I think the
Blinking Lights will be there. I want to see if I can catch one. Anyway, let's
see who is at Arlene's place, anyway," he said.

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