Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Donut [AFK] + Want to start a social experiment

@Amber: Insult. (Awaiting response of 60 characters or less)

@Crowd: I want for everyone to enjoy the amazing lucid dreaming experience that I was able to enjoy as a college student. Finding myself somewhat more capable that most people, my research has concluded that none of you have experienced such a thing in your formative years. You have dreamed, yes, of cabbages and moths, rats and raccoons. Butterflies and bougainvilleas.

I'm not saying I am the Greatest Man In the World. I merely posit the benefit endowed me from this experience of 'lucid dreaming' has left me in a better state to deal with the various outcomes thrown by the now defunct (and daft) 'system' (in quotes for good reasons) than perhaps some of the toy personalities thrown about this board.

I'm able to get lucid dreams because I was able to do it in college. When you can do it in college, you can do it again in any other facet of your life as you like, no questions asked. The bigger problem is trying to help most others experience this phenomena.

To test the validity of this declaration and test the tepid waters, the proverbial toe is a clock you must find in the next 96 hours that will wake you from damned sleep.

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