Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dealing with boredom

For example I was bored that neither -t nor amber were awake to address my latest pieces. I wanted to 'call the whole thing off'.

Then somebody came and told me -- a gnome (probably planted by -t -- she looks like someone who plants gnomes) -- that, whatever, man. Then the dream ended.

"Yeah," I said, in my voice. "Sorry you had to grow the beard."

-t laughed it off, holding up a razor as though it was going to fix everything. I laughed it off along with her too. When I was awoken, I was reminded that I had to go back downstairs and take care of issues where people were not transferring at the nominal rate.

"Lol, wtf is a 'nominal rate'?" I laughed.

I was told that the nominal rate is the amount possible for the children to raise funds for children in Ethopia. I was going to point out how it would be so much faster for me to just donate this amount, but I was stopped.

"Let the children donate the amount," said the voice.

"It's taking too much time," I said. "Let them do it next time."


"Are you dealing with boredom?"

I looked back. Who the hell was this idiot? "Yes, I am. All these idiots are sooooooo boring! I'm trying to get out of it as quick as I can!"

"No," said the voice.

"This is gay," I told the voice. "You can't just obtain godlike powers and destroy me!"

The voice said: "Ha ha ha haaa. You and your notion of time. The time, my friend, has come from sparing your wretched little planet, the very little thing your pointless feet come across every day, the utterance of curse in the minds of dying babies worldwide. Now is the time for everythings' Dismemberment!"

"Are you dealing with boredom? Are you dealing with boredom?" cried something as it spiraled into the Sink of Basic Destiny.

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