Sunday, September 27, 2009

Proper Use of Auto-Pilot In The Game Wipeout

When operating at such high speeds as possible in the Phantom Elite mode, common pilot opinion such as 'auto-pilot is for babies' turns unsubstantiated. As you will see in the accompanying video, auto-pilot can even be used by very expert pilots to gain leverage that previously was not available.

Basically, adding the auto-pilot capability to your arsenal gives you the advantage of having a choice to accomplish a particularly difficult sector of the track in perfection. Deriders may leer, saying that keeping a Missile or a Quake at hand is far more logical, but these are simply pilots who have become 'slightly good' at the game and don't realize sub-atomic precision. Some of them even claim that auto-pilot can really mess up how the ship moves along the tracks, and that it often even misses speed pads along the way. To this issue, the correct response is that, yes, auto-pilot is done by the computer, which is not always perfect, but since an expert would only use it in particularly tough areas, do you think he would have done any better anyway?

Don't be mistaken. This is nothing like the argument behind automatic v.s. manual transmissions when racing in a car. This is a whole different kind of fish.

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