Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Irreverent Sense of Self-Importance

When we broke up, after long nights,
me drinking & u claiming to be trying to keep us, everything together
it was not just our mutual bond that had shattered.

Take for example, a starfish, and wonder along with me
why you can't keep emotional states up in the same way
a starfish spontaneously forms these fun limbs + in such fun star shapes?

This is how the kinds of logic your arguments assume look like, to me.

Don't come complaining in our reincarnations
that you are an allergic anaphylactic little shit
choking about 'fuck, we are all cockroaches'.

Though your aura may be complete and azure,
doesn't mean the FDIC is able to insure
that old vault of emotional cache you stashed
before hitting me with your bullet of apathy.

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