Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Is it getting nicer?
Or is the sham just glib?
I know you are the tightest
with your vagina and your Bits.

Did I ask too much?
More than Lot?
Left me hanging like
you're some pillar of salt,

I say "Love is the answe", and you don't supply the 'r', and I can't keep going on.

(chorus unworthy of repetition)

Maybe I just like saying
things I usually say
in this exact fashion,
since you won't show me the way.

Is it 2-luv, tonight? Did I win that or ... did I win or ...

I'm sorry your dad died.
To be honest, why don't you die,


Is it getting sharper,
is the brain working again?
Cos you left me in the darkness,
a place no one's saved from, my 'friend'.

Did it hurt you so much
was that really the push,
that I wasn't there to celebrate
your seeing in the distance of George Bush?

My offhand remarks were drunken, but really,
I wouldn't have been as excited even if it was me.
And you suck for leaving me for that,
that I didn't give a shit about the fact you saw George Bush

In some fucking crowd.

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