Sunday, October 11, 2009

twinkle time

When I was a child, I was learning to climb the Big stairs,
then I saw my mommy and daddy looking down from above,
eyes wide open as though the monster was coming for me!
Startled, I turned to look, and losing my balance, fell backwards ...

Twisting paints as though perfumes,
beating fools to taste their flavors,
i heard a sense of malignant humor
claim i suffer from an acute synaesthesia.

I still care about individual tastes,
even though sensations tend to join.
This is why I made crying faces when
that girl in 1st grade was getting an injection.

I wasn't trying to scare her.
I was just empathizing,
you know, not even aware
that I was laughing inside.

For me, it was just twinkle time.

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