Saturday, September 26, 2009

the Ridiculous and the Handyman (Part 2)

(Part 2)

the Ridiculous is everywhere.

Let me tell you something about Bosnia. In Bosnia, some guy who felt bad that his name rhymes with 'bitch' started slaughtering the peepulls. Too bad he didn't think hard about his first name. This is why when a dude says to you "I got a Bosnian gf", it's kind of hot, cos there's only a few left. Now, as I had been trying to explain, there was a need to get a handyman from the building to come and unclog the sink. The reasons for this are irrelevant. Maybe my mother was coming over to visit. Maybe my employer was conducting some kind of illegal search to verify its employees. Maybe I woke up and had a whim about starting to date again. The reason to unclog it is not of import. What is important is that when you try to get it unclogged, they send you a guy from Bosnia. I had a relationship with this guy; one time when the summers were getting too humid in Manhattan, I decided I would buy an air-conditioning machine. I was told to go and speak to this Bosnian guy who is the handyman of the building. After going through a bunch of crap about how he had a family back there, and how used to be a nuclear scientist or something, the down-low was that I have to buy a 5000 BTU machine. I wondered, at the time, how that particular number was reached. Who was this guy, this Bosnian? What, did he have the whole electricity consumption of the entire building mapped into his head, or something? I bought an 8000 BTU machine instead. Just to spite him.

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