Friday, September 4, 2009

One, and Another (Parts 1 - 3)

This is a series I began writing around the middle of 2007, and didn't quite finish. Plan is to go ahead and finish it now.

===hush ... be onlypositive. hush.===

"i got raisinnettes and kitkats, what do you want?"
"ssh" whispered the other. "it is stirring in its sleep."
"ooh nice. what has it been dreaming of?"
"dunno, that pointless woman again, i think".
"sad" said one.
"check it out, it's waking" whispered the other.

"look at the way it immediately cleans its nose and ears as it wakes" said one.
"mucophagy" said the other.
"no, you idiot, mucophagy is where the subject eats the derivatives".
"ah yes. nasolingus then".
"no" said one.

"look, it's writing now."
"is it writing about onlypositive?" said the other.
"look at how it is struggling" said one.
"yeah, heh."
"like it really 'means something important'."
"it has posted the item to an internet site."
"yeah. heh."

"these raisinettes remind me of rabbit droppings" said one.
"why do you think it came up and subscribes to this 'only positive' theory?" said the other.
"i know. wtf does it mean? maybe it is naive and idealistic."
"no" said the other.

"i don't like those sandals it is wearing" whispered one.
"i know, so uncomfortable."
"they looked good when it saw them at the store. did it try them out first?"
"hmm. i don't remember," replied the other, "it is such a jackass sometimes with those kinds of things, you know?"

"i like those Reef sandals, you know those?"
"ok shuttup, it is queueing up for the bus."
"those Reef sandals are pretty popular-"
"shuttup, you'll ruin the Experiment."

"why do you think it is taking the bus to go, like, 2 avenue blocks?" asked one.
"i'm not complaining. those avenue blocks are long. who came up with that scheme anyway? idiot, that man."
"yeah, heh."
"i think it has a free multipass. so it can just go around on buses and trains and all that" said the other.
"walking is good too, sometimes." said one.
"sometimes" replied the other.

===keep it down!===
"anyway, wearing sandals in the city is just gross" whispered the other.
"look how it is politely waiting for this hare-brained man to find his multipass, but in reality is forming harsh opinions about his position in the world" said one.
"heh. look at the stupid placeholder grin on its face."
"heh." said one.
"what is the point of this Experiment anyway? can't we just call quits and go play outside?" asked the other.
"shuttup," said one, "we must find the Solution."
"hey, did that woman pay? Solution? what Solution?"
"yea, we must find the Solution before we can go play."
"gawds, it could take years!" whispered the other.
"it already has" smiled one, sneakily.

"these buses should have more electronic displays".
"you mean like showing your position in the route, kind of thing?" asked one.
"yeah. or the world, maybe. GeoPositioning." whispered the other.
"yeah. why doesn't it sit down already?"
"i think it feels that letting other people sit makes it appear more rugged and manly."
"heh. lame. hey, what is it looking at?"
"hey, i think it is watching a Display of agression!"
"quick, make notes. what is happening?" whispered one, frantically.
"that woman with the baby, she didn't pay! i told you!" said the other.
"the bus driver is having a go at her. LOL. what is she saying?" asked one.
"she's saying she had to settle down with her baby first."
"that sounds reasonable".
"yeah, but why doesn't she just pay now and be done with it? she's arguing with him."
"heh. i don't think she has any intention to pay. what is it thinking?" asked one.
"it is watching the Display with mixed emotions," whispered the other, "on one hand the debate is entertaining, on the other hand, she's fucking holding up the whole bus."
"don't curse! anyway, why does it care? is it in a hurry?"
"i'm not cursing. that's just how it feels. no hurry, but because of its fucking sandals. its feet hurt."

"fucking knocked up ho held the whole bus up".
"i'm telling you, stop cursing!" whispered one.
"that's just how it feels, ok?" replied the other. "what is it thinking?"
"it is ruminating on the absurdity that the Display took so long that another bus has arrived behind this one."
"ruminating eh. i think it does that a little much, don't you?"
"it is what it is. look, it is following other passengers who've decided they've had enough. they're moving to the next bus."

"what is it doing now?" asked one.
"wondering if its multipass will work, since it was already swiped at the last bus." replied the other.
"others seem to be getting on just fine."
"yeah, i don't understand the source of its anxiety."
"paranoia" said one. "it thinks it could always be singled out from the herd. heh."
"check it out, it looks surprised. what happened?" asked one.
"holy fucking shit! the baby woman tried to get on the new bus!"
"don't curse! so what's the problem?"
"the bus driver won't let her. he's had a talk with the new bus driver and explained the situation."
"'situation'. heh."
"heh. whoa. check it out, she just took a swing at him!"
"holy shit, he swings back!"
"omfg, she's playing the injured female. how can you strike at a woman with a baby, she says!"
"lol. what is it doing?" asked one.
"laughing" whispered the other.

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