Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tipp-Ex Perfumes

From the people who brought you jalapeno strong mints,
Tipp-Ex brand perfumes!

Have you tried to seduce your boss by erasing his whore-infested expense account,
yet failed?
If you'd used Tipp-Ex brand perfumes, you may have gotten away with it!

How could he resist that smell of erasure?
Of diluting, nay, deleting all his most sinful sins,
or his sines of fidelity?

Or his sinuses? Or her sinuses ... this perfume is not just for girlie girls ...

Imagine, waking in the morning,
covered by streaks of flaking unpeeling white substance on your skin.
You can try to shower, but it does not come off!

Tipp-Ex -- for smells that last.

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