Monday, December 29, 2008

Definition (Attempt 1 of ?)

Midge T. Liberty was an anarchist author of childrens' novels. He walked succinctly onto the stage, to give his speech. He was calm, collected, and god damn you, he was cool.

"I -- I don't know where to start," he said, as the crowd leered. An aide came to his side, and gave him a book. Midge T. opened this book, and the look of true knowledge gently wrapped itself around his face, like clingwrap. The kind with the suffocating bubbles.

The crowd was still leering. Midge T. nodded, thanking his aide (who had ushered itself off several minutes ago).

"You see ... what I am about to do -- the general process that is occurring -- "

Tobi, the Spy, watched in brazen darkness amongst the audience, transfixed.

"Is going to simply redefine your entire reality," said Midge T.

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  1. i liked the fact you continued this one from a previous post. I think this one could become a really interesting and long story. I would love to read it, for I'm be on redefining reality.