Thursday, December 18, 2008

'mish-mashes' of sociopolitical theory

tobi is a chinese spy sent to the united states in order to alleviate the local's misunderstandings about china, and chinese domestic affairs.


After teep was saved, nothing had gone right for Tobi.

The paparazzi, certainly, was partly to blame. Trying to take photos with the spy who saved the baby from the garbage. Looking for sensations.

It was after a few hours at the hospital, being checked for drugs and cancer, and such, that Tobi regained awareness. "Where's teep?" he said, gripping the nurse's bra.

"Teep is sleeping, Tobi. Unlike you," said the nurse, letting his fists execute their freudian whims. "Come now. Sleep."

There was a struggle, between his inculcation within her hypnosis (ha hip-gnosis may have been better, and i am cheese), and his drugged self, walking out of the cinema.

"Where's the baby?" cried Tobi, aloud, eliciting sixteen nannies with fingers to the lips.

"We know how this ends, Tobi," said a nurse.

"Ha," said Tobi ... nervously. "No we don't. We don't know how this fucking ends."

"The baby is creepy. That's it. End of story."


"Do you want to go deeper?"

"Plough," said Tobi.

"More deeply, I care about you," said the nurse, releasing Tobi's fist from her bra.

"They took photos, of me."

"Saving the baby, honey. It was really tough on the entire world."


Tobi nodded wisely. Not because he discovered a truth, but because nodding wisely sometimes buys time.

"We are deporting you to China, Tobi," said a nurse. "We will erase your memory prior to it."

"You bastard!" screamed Tobi, his hand slapping against the incubation room. He said it because he saw the uncurling finger. The little bastard. The evil fuck!

"Teep!" screamed Tobi the spy.

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