Tuesday, December 23, 2008

full resolution of the heart

A man with a failing heart is wheeled by emergency to intensive care.

They put up a screen on the wall, at the highest resolutions possible, technologically.

"Look at it!" screams the doctor, and the poor failing heart man withdraws in a moment of self-tragedy.

"What is this, a cartoon? You showing me Bugs Bunny or Roadrunner clips again?"

"No, no, this is your heart. Your heart! At 120 frames per second!"

"That's not my heart. My heart beats. It's strong."

Nurses left the room, and only surgeons stayed, if only due to curiosity.

"So, operate. Experiment."

"Ok, ok. Look ... this is the procedure ..." said Dr. Tundra. (It was the doctor's first name).

"Go on."

"We need you to focus on your heart itself, and *tell* it to keep beating."


"That is the procedure."


All pressurized systems collapsed.

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