Sunday, December 28, 2008

Midge T. Liberty

There were a lot of people in attendance for the talk that Midge T. Liberty was giving, noticed Tobi the spy (recently from China) as he found a seat at the center of the auditorium. Many of them were quite a bit taller than him, he also noticed, although a few were much shorter. Still, it was surprising to find so many people coming to see a show that only cost 3 credits.

Tobi then remembered himself -- after all, he too was here watching a 3 credit show. Perhaps everyone else here was also new to Shangri-La, and could not afford the Hypnotist's Magic Show -- or Sex in the City, for that matter. Perhaps Midge T. Liberty's talk was kind of an orientation ... to Shangri-La -- a place one could meet other newcomers, and perhaps even make friends. He looked around, hand poised to greet a new companion, but then the lights went out and the stage lit up.

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