Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sentience In The Square

After placing his cup of tea in the lower quadrant of the lecture stand, Ferdinand achieved sentience. If only, now, he could break out of his norm and simply evoke it in all the students.

It was a very lucid feeling. If, years from now, he could capture it in words, in the form of some books, perhaps, he already knew that the critics would dissect this 'lucidity' of his experience. Within two dimensional boundaries, of course, perhaps to them, he might seem like a 'glider', but this was the problem. Hegemonies had already been expounded, and Ferdinand feared his awakening in this amazing midst would only amount to exploration within these 'two-dimensional' boundaries.

Who wants to be the Queen Bee Shuttle, or some kind of pulsar, when you could just go ahead and tell the audience that you're divorcing your spouse? The kids? Okay, they were cool when they were developing, but now that they've transformed into their respective (teenage) patterns? They pretty much probably should get along without any external help.

One of the students raised a hand. "Are you fucking serious?" said Ferdinand. "Ok? What?" He said this with a lot of impatience, he noticed. It was just that despite the fact that his recent epiphany basically indicated there was nowhere to really go, apparently someone had a question.

"What if the child continues to require attention?" said this woman.

"You mean despite all boundaries of existence already laid out in explanation? Is it disabled?"

He heard her deep breath. "No, she is not disabled. What if she still asks to come and sleep in your bed, because of the ghosts?"

Ferdinand became exponentially lucid. "The ghosts?" he said, searching the sea of people for the one hand that had dared to provide such a bruise unto fabric. Reverse psychology was an old tool of his, but this -- this was remarkable. "I'm sorry, I can't see who asked the -- ah, yes. You.

So," said Ferdinand, looking past the faces of the crowd, "so I just told you I am flinging my entire life away." He placed his hands upon the stand, "and your response is some bizarre question about some kids believing in ghosts?"

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