Friday, March 19, 2010

Add Libby

(03:42:31 AM) riverfr0zen: i'm calling you 'Merlot'
(03:42:53 AM) riverfr0zen: do what, chat?
(03:44:20 AM) Merlot: copy to internet
(03:44:59 AM) riverfr0zen: do we want to get started about the internet?
(03:47:17 AM) riverfr0zen:
(03:48:15 AM) Merlot: whatis that website
(03:48:29 AM) riverfr0zen: i've posted there for aeos
(03:48:32 AM) riverfr0zen: aeons
(03:49:00 AM) riverfr0zen: it's crazy. there's no limitations
(03:49:24 AM) riverfr0zen: but the person who runs that site, is a PERL guru
(03:49:46 AM) riverfr0zen: Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
(03:50:36 AM) Merlot: perl is linux no?
(03:50:48 AM) riverfr0zen: no, it's gnu
(03:51:25 AM) riverfr0zen:
(03:52:48 AM) Merlot: you kionw stuff about the internet that people just shouldn't know
(03:53:08 AM) Merlot: programming stuff, i see
(03:53:30 AM) riverfr0zen: what i think is, people should know all this. they've just chosen not to
(03:53:44 AM) riverfr0zen: it's not that hard
(03:55:57 AM) Merlot: everyone thinks that about their own jobs
(03:55:58 AM) Merlot: i have learned
(03:56:14 AM) Merlot: and a lot of thins aren't that hard
(03:56:39 AM) Merlot: and it begins to disgust you when you notice that the man next to you is makign 1 million a year because he is the CEO of a cheese factory and his iq is less then urs
(03:57:01 AM) riverfr0zen: lol, well later you can laugh about it
(03:57:17 AM) riverfr0zen: why would you care about this icon?
(03:57:34 AM) riverfr0zen: i don't get frustrated about things like that
(03:58:24 AM) riverfr0zen: i guess i follow that one commandment
(03:58:31 AM) riverfr0zen: covet not thy neighbor's ass
(03:58:52 AM) Merlot: this icon?
(03:58:57 AM) Merlot: lol
(03:59:01 AM) Merlot: i get frustrated because
(03:59:06 AM) Merlot: although ia m not communist
(03:59:13 AM) Merlot: i don't understand the big divide in this country
(03:59:21 AM) Merlot: like PER SAY FOR INSTANCE
(03:59:25 AM) Merlot: if my mornign story ever makes it big
(03:59:30 AM) Merlot: Million a year
(03:59:40 AM) riverfr0zen: a million?
(03:59:41 AM) Merlot: i think i would treat all my employees Fairly aka contributers
(03:59:49 AM) Merlot: am i dreaming to big?
(04:00:12 AM) Merlot: right now were at 2 bucks a month
(04:00:20 AM) riverfr0zen: what i have found is that you need to be honest to your 'employees'
(04:00:37 AM) Merlot: i try
(04:01:03 AM) riverfr0zen: do they like it when you call them your employees?
(04:01:24 AM) Merlot: lol
(04:01:26 AM) riverfr0zen: have you tried to use the word 'associate'?
(04:01:30 AM) Merlot: associate
(04:01:34 AM) Merlot: i havne't called them anything lol
(04:02:03 AM) Merlot: associtate sounds nice
(04:02:04 AM) Merlot: but
(04:02:10 AM) riverfr0zen: i remember that, a long time ago
(04:02:13 AM) Merlot: can i really call Meatxbeatsxman an associate
(04:02:23 AM) Merlot: or a parasite that just comes in everyonce and awhile and leave
(04:02:26 AM) riverfr0zen: when career paths were like carrier paths
(04:02:40 AM) riverfr0zen: and you're flying this flight simulator
(04:02:46 AM) Merlot: you mean, when you go for archtiecture u do architecture
(04:02:54 AM) riverfr0zen: and you're so fucking tired cos you've been going from Brussels
(04:03:01 AM) riverfr0zen: all the way to Louisiana
(04:03:10 AM) Merlot: how is the flight simulator thing?
(04:03:12 AM) Merlot: are they fun
(04:03:13 AM) Merlot: my roomate does it
(04:03:38 AM) riverfr0zen: your eyes are watering
(04:03:54 AM) riverfr0zen: and there's a Bitchin' Betty
(04:04:10 AM) riverfr0zen: in case they make up some mountains or some shit
(04:05:01 AM) riverfr0zen: in this reality the two towers exist, ad when you see them, you're like "What the fuck? Where is Louisiana?"
(04:05:22 AM) riverfr0zen: finally you see the airport
(04:05:36 AM) riverfr0zen: and somebody is speaking in your headset
(04:05:53 AM) riverfr0zen: giving you all the instructions. all the instructions
(04:06:27 AM) riverfr0zen: you slow the plane down, and raise the nosecone about 20 degrees
(04:06:51 AM) riverfr0zen: then you make a perfect landing
(04:06:56 AM) Merlot: there u go
(04:07:35 AM) riverfr0zen: as your plane decelerates, you observe the airport buildings
(04:07:42 AM) riverfr0zen: it's like a feather, in your cap
(04:08:13 AM) Merlot: feather man feather man
(04:08:16 AM) Merlot: where have u gone
(04:08:17 AM) Merlot: kinda thing
(04:08:35 AM) riverfr0zen: i don't know what that reference is
(04:09:08 AM) riverfr0zen: cos i was sleeping the last time. this time, i was able to fly the plane and land it perfectly
(04:09:15 AM) Merlot: lol
(04:09:19 AM) Merlot: so u died the first time
(04:09:39 AM) riverfr0zen: no, people like me don't die. we just fly aeroplanes

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