Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Long and Short of It

Dennis awoke to the horrible sounds of some kind of creature, just munching. Just munching away. He hoped that he could escape via a gully or otherwise appropriated physical conduit, from that crazy sound, but knew in-hand that such levity might be impossible.

"What am I going to have to do to make you go away?" he asked.

The creature raised its head in its age-old way, in its cross-dimensional double-seeing and triple-talking way. "You tell me, Dennis," said the creature, menacingly. "You tell me."

"I cannot just delete my actions in history," said Dennis. "It would be a farce. It would be a joke. It would only result in me looking like a fool."

"Who grew up and made *you* a slave? Btw, I like how this is somehow 'all about you'."

Dennis stared at the creature with profound confusion. "You mean -- you mean I can actually rewrite history?" he uttered. Antagonists in dreams never use acronyms, do they?

"Who do you think is writing this very dialogue?"

"No way! Nobody loves me *that* much!" cried Dennis.

There was a deep laugh. "Yes. Nobody."

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