Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Could Go On Forever

Like ginseng instead of blood
turn the rudder this way or that
watching fools go splat
*under* that flood.

When I was fifty-seven some mother's alien
beamed down and transmitted 'the data'
hoping to swim against hope in the paleo-
lithic errata, yo fuck that mutha.

Scribin' is better than slappin'
bitch slappin' rappin' terrapin turtle
mutated from all the ooze. ooze got google?
giggle a little then solve problems without shellac'ing.

Little did He know, little did He know,
but He wanted to know so much more
He came to me asked for some more Time,
and as you already know ... there is so much more

give me infinite. gimme infinite. forever infinite heart beat forever. infinite ...

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