Friday, March 19, 2010

The 'Buster' Sword Is Not The Same As The 'Bastard' Sword

(02:48:49 AM) Merlot: agh, you made mistakes
(02:48:52 AM) Merlot: its hard not to
(02:48:59 AM) Merlot: women should let men do these mistakes
(02:49:06 AM) Merlot: we have a natural need for multipiplicity
(02:49:08 AM) riverfr0zen: i didn't so much *make* mistakes as be *perceived* as making them
(02:49:59 AM) riverfr0zen: because of my wayward ways and loose nature, she somehow got it into her head that i was cheating on her
(02:50:15 AM) riverfr0zen: that's the big killer
(02:50:52 AM) riverfr0zen: where you didn't even do anything, and you still get blamed for it. and the this relationship you have just goes 'poof'
(02:51:31 AM) riverfr0zen: this relationship that you cherish, and value
(02:51:52 AM) riverfr0zen: how much am i paying you by the hour, btw?
(02:52:08 AM) Merlot: women are crazy
(02:52:23 AM) Merlot: lol your not
(02:52:36 AM) riverfr0zen: thank god
(02:52:41 AM) riverfr0zen: ;)
(02:53:03 AM) Merlot: you should give me your phone number, so I can make an account on craigslist for you lol
(02:55:02 AM) riverfr0zen: doesn't matter. the phone doesn't work too well
(02:55:44 AM) riverfr0zen: apparently motorola Razr v3 is not as robust as they make it out to be. either that, or att sucks
(02:56:20 AM) Merlot: wel i would have craigslist send you a text message ;) and then you would tell me what it is ;)
(02:56:24 AM) Merlot: but
(02:56:28 AM) Merlot: they know my fucking IP anyways
(02:56:51 AM) riverfr0zen: lol ip based filtering
(02:57:13 AM) riverfr0zen: i got ip filtered once
(02:57:55 AM) riverfr0zen: on a poetry forum, when i practically blew up cos of this aforementioned woman
(02:58:08 AM) Merlot: lol
(02:58:18 AM) Merlot: was she as annoying as the one on my website
(02:58:24 AM) Merlot: where shes always saying how depressed she is
(02:58:25 AM) Merlot: in the poem
(02:58:34 AM) Merlot: its only annoying cause she doesn't even fucking comment
(02:58:39 AM) Merlot: i am about to stop posting her stuff
(02:59:10 AM) riverfr0zen: she was not annoying. just was able to make me do things i would normally not do
(03:00:26 AM) riverfr0zen: she made me go into this museum where the road gets all swirly and at the end, you can look down and say 'whoa'
(03:00:57 AM) Merlot: whoa?
(03:01:00 AM) Merlot: that would be cool
(03:01:12 AM) riverfr0zen: they have some art on the way too
(03:01:46 AM) riverfr0zen: she made me wait while she visited the museum store by herself
(03:01:54 AM) riverfr0zen: who knows what she bought there
(03:02:08 AM) Merlot: brb
(03:08:31 AM) Merlot: agh
(03:08:47 AM) Merlot: i don't get where ur going with this
(03:08:48 AM) Merlot: museum stuff
(03:11:05 AM) riverfr0zen: yeah, i know, exactly
(03:11:34 AM) riverfr0zen: you get this experience there, where you don't really know where you're going until you reach the highest level
(03:11:49 AM) riverfr0zen: then it's already time to go down
(03:12:27 AM) Merlot: i got ya
(03:12:54 AM) riverfr0zen: did i mention how they decorate the walls inside with art?
(03:13:33 AM) Merlot: lol no
(03:13:52 AM) riverfr0zen: well, they. for us, it was some print guy
(03:14:14 AM) Merlot: i hate chelsea
(03:14:19 AM) Merlot: from 2n a half men
(03:14:34 AM) riverfr0zen: haven't seen that one
(03:14:49 AM) Merlot: chelsea ex fiance of charlies
(03:14:56 AM) Merlot: she fucked him over
(03:16:09 AM) Merlot: anyways,
(03:16:12 AM) Merlot: i hate museums
(03:16:20 AM) Merlot: had two projects on museums
(03:16:26 AM) Merlot: got two bad grades
(03:16:45 AM) riverfr0zen: they're not that bad
(03:17:02 AM) riverfr0zen: i know, it can suck when they make you focus on the museum itself
(03:17:38 AM) riverfr0zen: i had to re-align my thoughts and just think 'wow, look at where i am'
(03:18:08 AM) Merlot: lol ever been to the gugenhiem
(03:18:12 AM) Merlot: or however u spell it
(03:18:24 AM) riverfr0zen: yeah, that's what they called that place
(03:18:31 AM) riverfr0zen: come to think of it
(03:18:43 AM) riverfr0zen: the guggenheim
(03:19:07 AM) riverfr0zen: i remember cos you had to walk across like ten blocks, from the momma
(03:19:11 AM) riverfr0zen: moma
(03:19:29 AM) Merlot: moma?
(03:19:48 AM) riverfr0zen: yeah, they had a museum of modern art in those days
(03:20:23 AM) riverfr0zen: i went there once
(03:20:32 AM) riverfr0zen: wearing my most futurist shoes
(03:20:48 AM) Merlot: i always wanted to go there
(03:21:08 AM) riverfr0zen: they have one in chicago too, if that's anywhere near delaware
(03:21:44 AM) riverfr0zen: i went to that one too. there i saw this piece by one anselm kiefer
(03:22:22 AM) riverfr0zen: it's a wonderful, huge piece
(03:22:32 AM) Merlot: no gug in chicago
(03:22:41 AM) Merlot: u do realize delaware is below NJ
(03:22:48 AM) Merlot: and NJ is below NY
(03:22:49 AM) Merlot: ;)
(03:22:58 AM) riverfr0zen: i'm bad at geography
(03:23:03 AM) riverfr0zen: ;)
(03:23:08 AM) Merlot: its 322 am
(03:23:29 AM) riverfr0zen: i'm bad at clocks too. not bad at history, but bad at clocks
(03:24:07 AM) riverfr0zen: don't you think clocks are kind of just geography, anyway? maps for time
(03:24:46 AM) Merlot: yep nice anaogy
(03:26:20 AM) riverfr0zen: one time i was smoking cigarettes and eating some chips, just before we were about to walk into this museum
(03:26:39 AM) riverfr0zen: happened to glance over at this art history professor
(03:27:05 AM) riverfr0zen: he just looked at me and shook his head in a 'no' motion
(03:27:26 AM) riverfr0zen: some sprite may have been involved too
(03:27:38 AM) Merlot: lol
(03:28:37 AM) riverfr0zen: i pulled out my old art box the other day
(03:28:55 AM) riverfr0zen: looking for a pair of pliers
(03:29:25 AM) Merlot: wat r they
(03:29:53 AM) riverfr0zen: that's what the man in the hardware store said, in a sassy voice
(03:30:02 AM) riverfr0zen: then i said, 'ahem', wire cutters
(03:30:58 AM) riverfr0zen: (ok, the hardware guy knows about pliers, just ad-libbing there)
(03:31:14 AM) riverfr0zen: but i digress. this is about pulling out my old art box
(03:31:25 AM) Merlot: can't make sense out of a woman
(03:31:32 AM) Merlot: 2 an half men is so straight
(03:31:44 AM) Merlot: u draw
(03:32:02 AM) riverfr0zen: apparently i did, once in my life
(03:32:48 AM) riverfr0zen: this was how magical it was. earlier in the day, i had planned to go out and see the part about chesire cats they're playing out there
(03:32:59 AM) riverfr0zen: but then i just pulled out this box
(03:33:13 AM) riverfr0zen: and it was like history in vision!
(03:33:37 AM) riverfr0zen: "Damn," i said to myself. "With this kind of shit, you don't need 3D"
(03:33:45 AM) Merlot: lol
(03:34:24 AM) riverfr0zen: let me tell you ... there was all kinds of shit in there. crayons
(03:34:43 AM) riverfr0zen: pieces of charcoal beyond carbon dating
(03:34:57 AM) Merlot: lol yep
(03:35:01 AM) Merlot: sounds like my art box
(03:35:09 AM) riverfr0zen: a pink eraser
(03:35:37 AM) riverfr0zen: calling itself 'art gum'
(03:35:57 AM) riverfr0zen: a few acrylics
(03:36:47 AM) riverfr0zen: and some fucking inks. inks. now i know the source of that nightmare about not going to class -- it must have been this illustration class i never fucking attended
(03:37:42 AM) riverfr0zen: btw, i'm just going to copy our conversation here and paste it online
(03:37:56 AM) riverfr0zen: i feel i have really evolved, in this piece
(03:39:42 AM) riverfr0zen: ur name will be altered
(03:39:51 AM) riverfr0zen: and i'll leave out the earlier parts

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