Friday, March 12, 2010

Simple Recipes for Baby Vorlons (1 > Witnessing Realization Before Realizing Witnesses

(TINY INGLORIOUS BASTERDS SPOILER WARNING, and no, baby Vorlons are not subject to movie rating schemes)


1) Two sets of people who haven't seen 'Sixth Sense'. (These may be difficult to find, but that is part of the challenge of this recipe). Try Mongolia.

2) Miraculously procure theater like running girl in Inglorious Basterds. If this means making all the popcorn by yourself at 3am then you are not doing it right.

3) Modded projection unit that can invert every 30th frame with its complementary frame on the opposite end of the reel. Cheating is allowed. For example you can just toss the bloody projector and get an optical disc player with one of those fancy projection units they use at professional conferences. You will find that altering access to optical media is easier, but you will get extra points if you describe in detail the qualitative difference -- from your point of view as projectionist -- of showing movie with this apparatus as opposed to using a reel (which means you need to build the 'old school' mod as well).


1) Show movie in 'normal mode' to Set 1 and observe reactions to ending

2) Show movie in 'modified mode' to Set 2, and note differences in collective audience response. Things you may consider: Are there more ripples caused by obstinate types who see the ending in the first few minutes, and decide to reveal it to those in their environs? Are as many couples in Set 2 holding hands as were in Set 1? Which showing caused theatre mice to pause more in the midst of their scurries?

3) Note everything, and report back to homeworld.

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