Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shrimp VS Prawn

I was drinking a humble cup of green tea
at a quiet roadside, gold and ruby leaves swirling,
but not under my feet. Under my feet, only wet mud.

Was thinking about noticing the smell of rain on stones
or the earth, as a child, as anybody does and
finds so, so ... unique, somehow.

A girl slipped by. At first I thought to refill my green tea,
instead she dropped a note written on one of those paper flowers.
Not origami -- these are real flowers, organic, but look and feel like paper.

Name escapes me now, but I got this note. A link. A link in a note.
Touching it, I envisioned the writings of probably the most constipated
person in the universe. It was so constipated, it even had

an update for its constipated post. Update on constipation.
I now fwd u with our latest technology
Shrimp VS Prawn:

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