Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Gifts for The Black Adder

Throughout history many have attempted to gift unto one another, spawning a maddeningly wild cacophany of gift lists that now just stream obliviously through the world, having long lost their owners. Every single item in these lists is always so carefully selected, so fawned upon fondly, then seemingly so callously discarded till the next year, when you have to make a new list and have no new ideas. What if the gifts had feelings? Did anybody even try to think about that? In spite of this great personal tragedy, but nevertheless, none are so select as this list, this small, tiny pin-prick of a list of:

Christmas Gifts for The Black Adder

5) Doll house w/ accompanying doll collection of male cock-ups.

4) 2 beans. And 2 more beans.

3) Lady Ponsemby's head (on a pike and presented in Mr. Ploppy's very own cunning fashion).

2) People. Yes, just people. For pushing off ledges. (It's funny).

1) New, shinier, sharper and just plain better codpiece.

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