Friday, April 24, 2009

The Arbitrary Prisoner (too)

Recent fan mail has been overwhelming. Please do note, under these conditions, I am only allowed to read three (3) emails per my missive sent. According to this program, whose parameters are finely tuned -- balanced, they seem to even claim -- this is the proper amount of input/output. This program is also controlled by the paradigms of time and behaviour, for me.

Alas, I cannot save any of your other children on death row as I was able to save Manson. Yes, I suppose he had some 'privelleged' circumstances, in that respect. His infamy perhaps blinded my desire to educate. My only consolation, personally, is to wonder (personally) whether that man will ever be able to murder anyone else?

Imagine if he walked into a Korean grocery store, trying to buy a packet of ramen. He pulls out his knife, and then a nearby black man just takes it cutely away from him. "Thank you," says Mrs. Mun as Wendell hands her the piece. "This knife is not sharp enough for anything anymore, Charles," she says kindly. "You buy something like a real man now, with a food stamp like they give you."

Manson goes home, sans ramen, since he will never place his forehead on the stamp of any Korean KOREAN SWEAR WORD, and ends up on Yahoo! chat, in the nazi channels. "I'm the real Charles Mansion," he types, finally foraying into this strange new world.

But even all the nazis are so sophisticated, these days. They ask him to not fucking 'slur in spelling'. What does that even mean? Oh.

So this second post is simply housekeeping, and I would prefer the remaining not be this kind of self-referential shit? So don't send me emails about your next 'child getting the injection'. My time is precious and not for these common lives you seem to be stuck upon bringing to my face, please. But do wonder why they seem to be dying for their petty crimes, while I am allowed to remain, talking to you, from time to time. Despite mine.

- An Arbitrary Prisoner
i18n: KOREAN SWEAR WORD == almost anything on insultmonger. under korean, of course.

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