Friday, April 3, 2009

Lab Report N3232-P1022

Once chimp 89 was injected with the abstract thought serum, a new look - an expression I had previously not recorded or mapped to any emotion - came upon its face, within seconds. Its eyes narrowed and it raised its head slightly, so that the chin was in an ascending vector.

Also, at this point, the chimp terminated previous communication exercises, even the ones at which it excelled, and received a banana for. My colleagues were certainly alarmed by this new, cold nature of chimp 89 - however, I insisted we continue dosage of the serum until we could reach a point where its physiology would accept and mimic the response on its own.

The process took 5 years, but finally we succeeded. Chimp 89, introduced to our common breeding program, gave birth to a male (chimp 90) capable of abstraction without dosage of our serum. Please also see our other report on the fascinating results of placing chimp 89, a biologically and neurologically enhanced female, in the common breeding environment.

Chimp 90 had to be separated from its mother, as it tended to incur damage upon her from an early age. It constantly maintains the same look that came upon its mother upon dosage of our serum - only somehow stronger. Its first act, upon being born, was to pound on its exhausted mother's body, demanding milk. In interviews with chimp 90, we have learned that it has deep seated feelings of shame towards its mother's lower biological and psychological status. Chimp 90 has trouble dealing with what it considers to be 'lower' lifeforms, including some of my colleagues - to my great amusement, I must say.

We will continue to observe chimp 90 and provide future reports. We are employing interactive techniques to 'flesh out' its frustrated state and hopefully bring out a resolution. Also, despite its offspring's harmful nature, it is clear that chimp 89 somehow, obliviously, still cares for the spawn. We are still injecting it with the serum, and now, when that look - that look of self-realization, shall we say - that look of drunken knowledge - this 'leer' of knowledge, shall we say - when it comes about, chimp 89 produces creative items out of anything in its cell (banana peels, styrofoam toys) that express its desire to view its child.

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