Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something A Little Nicer

"Why do you sometimes write these?" asked Geppetto.
"I don't know," said Pinocchio, flailing his arms, "you say it's to be nice and kind to people. How would I know, Geppetto?"
Geppetto nodded, and pulled the string, making Pinocchio whir and write his nice piece.

Often times when time is but a sidestep
an ant or two might have been saved.
For me or you, we were just avoiding traffic
but in the colonies there were prayers sung

about liberty.

On the sidewalks we're so polite and adjustable,
viably missing every possibility to brush each others' arms.
Then come home and rage amongst our most loved ones,
pretty much all of the time -- in hindsight, quite dumb.

liberty from fruitless pattern.

he's a budding a poet but instead becomes
writer of documents so viable as to kill millions.
for his friend, the artist, for a favor, por favor
who turns out the ultimate meaningless orator.

liberty from all compulsion.

Once again so happy, he sang the karaoke song
voice breaking yet feeling beautiful in his own lungs.
So when later on, walking home, a thief accosted him,
he ended up guts opened, for that same song had to be sung.

liberty from encroaching minds.

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