Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Than Meats the I

Prime was falling away into the cockpit of the shuttle. Nary his fledglings to defend 'Digital Rights Management' on Earth.

"How does it feel to be wrong, Prime?" laughed Megatron. "You spend all this time and energon, trying to make it look like you have some kind of moral impunity, but in the end, everybody knows it is simply about managing resource consumption, for all of us."

"Not for the children, Megatron," said Prime, heroically. "I will let them Know They Are Being Looked After!"

"This time the children are behind me, Prime. Prepare for oblivion ..."

Carnaged Autobots slowly began to gather and side with Megatron.

Prime looked into those ruby eyes. "What kind of trickery have you wrought?" he breathed.

"Prime, relax," said Megatron, throwing away his arm cannon.

"It is Me who should say that! And do that!" raged Prime.

"Stop it, you're embarrassing yourself."

Dinobots landed on Earth, but seeing what was happening, decided to just roam their own way.

Megatron glinted. "Do you remember Cybertron, Prime? How it had been?"

"Abundant energy for all," said the Autobot. "Then You tried to wield exclusivity, Megatron!"

"I did, of course. It is only logical."

"With no moral compass? Autobots," asked Optimus Prime now, with urgency, "why do you forsake me in the face of this ... this ... machine?"

"I realized after our countless battles then, it was all pointless," said Megatron.

"So after all this destruction, Megatron," said Prime, rising again, "after all this carnage and wasteful elimination of ... of thought and idea -- intellect -- "

"Prime, Prime. We always used to spy on your thoughts and ideas and intellect."


"We are the Decepticons, after all," mused Megatron.

Optimus tried to get up to save all the kids, but was automatically reduced to a talking teapoy before he could cause more destruction. A baby bit its first tooth into his chest plate and insignia. Into his Matrix of Leadership.

From the corner, Megatron the Vase laughed. "Even babies know you ended up with the stupid sign."

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