Friday, February 20, 2009


(Over Ur Azz) a B-side remix
Newtonian apples crunchily springin',
whole damn winter just got a little more bounce.
Walking in some midnight with purple sunglasses,
there's too many a girl shining too much of an ounce

of flesh!

Vapid as a can of empty CFCs,
no more special gels for special parts of me.
Not even souls dessicated from their pulps
can help me pick my own ass up.

Yet mea culpa, pups!

Thought it's a 'flash'? Or rash, or picking up burnt ash from stashed smoked cash?
Or touching your ass in some random way in the mind games we both shared?
Dare a 'd', dare there, dare.

Rhymin' is just somethin' I do when my brain stops higher functioning.
Sorry about the simplistic verse, for more complexity, add reverb.

la la la ;)

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