Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calmer Poem About Green Tea and Merit

of purchasing from starbucks, in frappe form. i guess :)
I am a sufferer from stroke.
I suffer from many strokes everyday.
Can you imagine? All these lamos
boo-hooing about a single stroke
in their lives,

here I am enduring one every goddamned second.

My face ... my face
doesn't even register on the
scale of being facelike.
It is kind of like Ernest Borgnine,
but with less sexiness.

Slowly I am learning about green tea,
about drinking it slowly to warm my innards.
Attaining inner peace, despite strokes,
or heart attacks. Or lungs that just give up.
So tactile and tangible.

What if, due to my wishes, I become placed in some eternal loop?

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